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But, for a lot of people, private singing lessons are too expensive. A great voice coach will help you work on skills like tone, cord closure, exercises, breathing and more. However, all that costs money. So, what do you do? You want to learn - but how?

What if there was an easier way?

A way that let you peek over the shoulder of a master singer who worked his way up from scratch. Now, he teaches people all around the world how to develop and grow their own skills so they can be better singers.

"Singing is not a talent. It's a skill. And skills can be taught."

Video lessons with unlimited 24x7 access.

Unlimited 24x7 Access With Video Singing Lessons Inside The Dashboard

Video lessons with unlimited 24x7 access.

Watch Adam's Singing Transformation Video With Over 5.3 Million Views On YouTube

When he started singing, he was very bad at it. Then he made singing his passion and put his mind, heart and soul into it. Look at where he is today! If he can do it, you can do it too.

Video lessons with unlimited 24x7 access.

Inside The Course: Here's What You Will Find Inside The Dashboard

You will find 80+ recorded video lessons to learn from - along with search & filter functionality.

Module 1

  • How the voice truly works
  • Best breathing techniques for singing
  • Appoggio breathing technique
  • Secrets of the larynx
  • Use, locate & manipulate your larynx
  • Magical ways to improve your resonance
  • Secrets of singing into the mask

Module 2

  • Stop being tone deaf - pitch training
  • Learn to identify pitch
  • Learn how to match pitch easily
  • How to adjust pitch recognition to different instruments
  • Proven scientific methods for improving your pitch
  • Get the fastest results using bio feedback
  • No prior musical training needed
  • Anyone can learn it

Module 3

  • Learn the correct body alignment for singing
  • How to extend your range
  • Ways to improve your vocal tone
  • Being more flexible with your voice
  • Secret ways to isolate your singing muscles
  • How to modify your vowels
  • Reducing strain on your voice
  • How to use your voice at varying dynamic levels
  • How to apply these concepts to your favorite songs

Video lessons with unlimited 24x7 access.

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Unlimited 24x7 access on all plans. Get instant access to all lessons Adam has recorded.

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Get 8 one hour group lessons with Adam every month. The best part? It's free if you buy today.

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Access a library of videos of Adam's private lessons. Search and filter the course content.

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Unlimited 24x7 access on all plans. Get instant access to all lessons Adam has recorded.


I went from my friends asking that I not sing in the car to having strangers compliment my singing voice.

"I was fed up with never being able to express myself with my singing voice. I have always had an airy/raspy tone to my voice which makes it hard to sing.

I took a chance and started taking lessons with Adam. Every lesson lead to a noticeable difference in my vocal ability.

In just a few months I went from my friends asking that I not sing in the car to having strangers compliment my singing voice and saying that they wish they were born with that kind of talent."

MEITAL V.  //  Singing Transformation

Matt Steffanina

Adam's transformation was just incredible.

"He's been amazing to work with. He puts in a lot of time and energy into the lessons. He always gives me exact exercises and things to work on so I can get the most out of the time between the lessons."

MATT S.  //  DJ, Choreographer, Film Producer

Melissa R.

Thank you for how great of a coach you are.

"I just wanted to thank you for how great of a coach you are. My grandparents came over tonight and they always want to hear me sing a song before they go back home.

Every time they visit, I improve so much - thanks to you - and give an even better "performance" than before. My grandpa and dad are very proud of me and how far I've gotten. You're the reason that I keep getting better.

Tonight, I sang "everything i wanted" by Billie Eilish (It's my grandpa's favorite song.) and I was finally able to sing the falsetto part confidently, along with the regular part too! It was really great and it's the best I have ever felt singing that song."

Melissa R.  //  Course Student

Dean D..

I thought I was a lost cause...

"Before my first lesson with Adam, I thought I was a lost cause. I never knew you could learn how to sing until I heard what Adam used to sound like and what he sounds like now. After only 5 lessons with Adam, he was able to identify and correct many of the problems I had with my voice."

Dean D.  //  Singing Transformation

Video lessons with unlimited 24x7 access.

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One last thing.

I started from scratch too. I know just how important coaching is. The right lessons help you become a better singer. That's a driving mindset behind any method I use when teaching students. If a private coach is too expensive for you, then this site is perfect for you.

Start your journey with me today.

So what are you waiting for? Start your magical singing transformation journey with me today. I bet, you will be surprised by what you will achieve in just a few months.

~ Adam Mishan

See you on the inside!

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